SOP - Custom Sign Request (CSR)

1. Complete the Yellow section of the form by gathering informaiton from requestor

2. Bring custom request to Head of PJM

3. Make decision with Head of PJM for items to be used in the green section

3A. Some input from the head of production may be requeired at this point based off of capacity

4. Place estimate in "In Design" station

5. Once layout complete, PJM to double check it meets green section specifications

6. PJM sends layout in conjunction with estimate of work to customer

6A. Estimate must be approved by Head of PJM to double check margins

7. After customer sends written approval via email (for expedited projects), product can be placed into produciton withour PO

7A. If product has a longer leadtime, work with head of produciton to figure out leadtime before communicating with customer.

7B. Once PO comes in put the custom sign into production.


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